By giving a second life to clothes, Hippy Market respects the environment and is an environmentally friendly brand.


By reusing 100% of the collected materials, we are major players in the sustainable development and in the second-life of clothing.

Authenticity of the pieces

The authenticity of the pieces associated to our trendy selection highlights the fashion and original quality of our products. Each piece at Hippy Market is unique.

Hippy Chic Vintage

Buying vintage is contributing to the preservation of natural resources and of the environment by giving a second-life to clothes. It is also a way to distinguish oneself by buying unique, authentic and quality pieces.

100% recycled,
100% ethical.

The concept is entirely based on the recycling of vintage clothes that find a second life in our Hippy Market stores! Our brand is resolutely turned towards the respect of the environment. It offers a different way of consumption, more sustainable: clothing lasts and can make the happiness of another.